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Freds Adventure Freds Adventure

Rated 1 / 5 stars

gave it a "2" because...

it was boring, not fun

Flash Mario Bros Flash Mario Bros

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


graphics-they weren't origanal at all, with ur brain and ability to make games why not use some of ur own inovative ideas like draw ur own characters, that would be sweet, the mario graphics just get a lil old after 10 years of playin those games

style-i gave it a three because the style was mario, i mean, they have about a million mario games, and it's just a boring style now, but it's coo

sound-i gave it a five because i kno ur makin a mario game and stuff but again, mario music is just not that coo to me ne more, but it went well with the gae and the sound effects were raw and timed perfectly

violence-lol, well all there was was bouncin' on heads, not that bad

interactivity-well it was a game, lol, the whole thing was interactive and the interactivity was put together nicely

humor-just not funny, i don't think it was ment to be

overall-7 cus it was fun but it's still the same old mario stuff we've all been playin forever, but i like mario it's just kinda old so i give it a 7 cus i enjoyed playing it

good game, u should try and make ur own game like maybe an intro with a story line and ur own characters and then have an ending animationto finish it off, something like this would get a 10 for sure, and i would play it all the time